Dollar advances against the pound

February started off in familiar fashion with the greenback advancing against sterling as a plethora of PMI prints came into play. The European open saw individual markit manufacturing PMI prints coming in mixed from the bloc state countries; Italy faring particularly well with Germany slipping slightly below expectations – balancing out to an overall eurozone […]

Markets’ attention turned to the US and its shifting economic landscape

Europe’s issues and upcoming Greek negotiations fell out of the headlines last week as attention turned to the US and its shifting economic landscape amid fresh debate about its monetary policy outlook. Despite a busy economic calendar, the week proved light on top tier releases and focus quickly turned to Wednesday’s FOMC monetary policy statement. […]

Cautious tone dominated proceedings yesterday

A cautious tone dominated proceedings yesterday as the previous evening’s FOMC announcement brought a jump in volatility across the currency markets despite a lack of clear directional moves. Early dollar weakness brought on by the date of the first rate hike being delayed then turned into dollar strength as focus shifted to the Fed’s emphasis […]

Fed Monetary policy statement mildly hawkish

Wednesday proved a quiet day in the markets with little occurring before the focal point of the Fed Monetary policy statement which provided the market with an update on interest rates, digested by many as mildly hawkish with the greenback making small gains. European trade was slow with a sole print of German gfk consumer […]

Q2 expects rises

Tuesday saw the focus drop away from the eurozone as top tier data resumed for both the US and UK as strength in the greenback subsided and markets resumed to ‘normal conditions’. The European open saw UK GDP slip from expectations of 2.8% to 2.7% (Q4, y/y), despite being slightly above the prior figure of […]

Currency markets digest euphoria around the Greek election results

Currency markets started the week on Monday attempting to digest the euphoria around the Greek election results, which despite many scaremongering reports in the press, volatility and euro weakness didn’t prevail as many forecast, creating a calming effect across markets. With a distinct lack of top tier data throughout both sessions, the Syriza party stole […]

Youth vs experience: the workplace challenge

author: Mark Dixon, Regus CEO Much has been said about ageing populations, a problem that is most acute in Japan, where over-65s account for 25% of the population, and may account for 40% by 2060. At the other extreme is the equally pressing problem of countries like Spain, where 55% of young people are out […]

The common pitfalls with performance-related pay

by Mark Dixon, Regus CEO Linking pay and reward to performance is nothing new, but do it with care. I never took kindly to the idea of respecting my elders. As it happens, I have immense respect for a number of people from an earlier generation, because they have seen and experienced more than I […]

Last week proved a brutal week for the euro

Last week proved a brutal week for the euro, costing the single currency 500 points against the dollar with volatility initially sparked by Swiss action then sustained as markets re-focused attention on Draghi’s announcement and the Greek elections. Thursday delivered the highly-anticipated quantitative easing programme, which saw Mario Draghi outdo analyst forecasts in confirming a […]

Weekend’s Greek elections would see Greece remains in the euro

Mario Draghi delivered beyond market expectations yesterday in announcing the launch of the ECB’s historic quantitative easing programme, ending months of speculation and pushing the euro to 2.5% losses on the day and new 12-year lows (EURUSD). Polls forecasted a package worth EUR 600bln, yet EUR 60bln per month extending to September 2016 sees the […]